In The Garden

Multi-Purpose Greenhouse

by Ryan Moeggenberg Gardening and providing food for my family is important to me for many reasons. Mainly, it’s how I was raised. On our little ‘hobby farm’ we had a big garden, a large multitude of fruit trees and a variety of farm animals that would make Old MacDonald envious. When I think about my younger years, I recall memories of our family working together doing things like making and selling apple cider, putting…

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Bee Update from Tumalo Bee Academy

by STEPHEN HARRIS, Tumalo Bee Academy Spring has sprung. April was a critical time for our bees. Last winter was cold and heavy with snow. Not so this year. Because of the warmer winter there were days our bees had opportunities to fly and do house cleaning. Unfortunately, there was nothing to bring home. Consequently, they used more of their stores then normal. By now, the colony should be building up a population of workers….