Doer [doo-er] noun – a person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking.


Most people have jobs that are only a means to an end. If your end is only a weekend of lounging and resting you are wasting your free time away! We all have chores to do on the weekend, family and friends to visit, but what are you doing for you? Do it. Sitcoms don’t fulfill your life. Accomplishments are something you can take pride in. Get off the couch. In 2 hours you can make enough soap for a family to use for 6 months. Do something. In a Saturday afternoon you could build yourself a new picnic table for the backyard. Maybe you know someone who would really appreciate a picnic table too. Improve your life and someone else’s.


Plant some fruit trees. Share the harvest with your neighbors. Talk about good will. It doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of time. Screwing a few boards together to build a raised bed is a piece of cake. Don’t let wanting something to be perfect get in the way of doing something, anything! Grow a garden and preserve the harvest. It just might make a huge difference in your life.


We are going to search social media for people that are doing something and highlight a person that uses the #BeADoer hashtag in every issue. Join the HomeSpun Magazine Facebook Group and show our community what you are working on. Maybe we can help!


Stop talking about it. Stop researching it. Stop collecting pins on Pinterest about it. Do it. #BeADoer

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