Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  1. Educate and encourage people to be Doers.
  2. Tell producers’ stories, advertise their products and educate their customers.
  3. Bring together a community of Doers.

Mission Statement Article

We are at a point where humans, as a group, produce more than ever before, but as individuals, we produce very little for ourselves. Homespun encourages regular people to be producers, or as we like to call them, ‘Doers.’ People have regular jobs that they need to pay the bills. Doers do the extra things that it takes to set up a side gig. A second small income to pay for a great Christmas or to get out of debt faster. Whatever their goal is, they do what it takes while doing something that they like to do. HomeSpun Magazine wants to support these people however we can. From a grandma sewing baby blankets to supplement her Social Security to our local food producers that have the highest quality food we could ask for.

Too many times I have been laid off or downsized from excellent corporate IT jobs and been left on unemployment. I grew weary of that type of career and now I am a school bus driver. This provides me a stable income that pays my bills with benefits and a PERS pension. Typical job like everyone else, right? I also own Cowboy Carriage and work hard with that business to create extra income. Now I am starting a magazine with my sweetie who has her own full-time job as well. Different income sources make us less dependent and we don’t have to worry as much about only having unemployment to take care of our family. If one stream of income decreases, like when school is out for summer break, I get to spend more time playing with horses to make up the difference. I want to help people start their side gig and to feel some of the freedom and pride that comes with being in control of your life.

Dave Ramsey teaches people to get out of debt. His philosophy is to sacrifice like no one else now so that you can create a financial position to be able to live and give, like no one else later. Now, we can take this same philosophy and apply it to our lives. It does take sacrifice, but it’s not insurmountable. A few hours in the garage every weekend making picnic tables or using your power washer to clean driveways could make your car payment every month. By doing a little more regularly, similar to paying a bit extra every month on a debt, you can make a significant improvement in your life over time.

The HomeSpun Mission starts small by encouraging people and then supporting them in their journey. Over time we will change people’s lives. For those of us that have extra, we can invest it in supporting our community. If someone needs help, we can assist personally or through our connections, we can make a difference. Giving carriage rides downtown I often tell stories about how much the horses can pull. Two draft horses that can pull 8,000 pounds alone can pull 24,000 pounds together. The horses have taught me a very clear lesson in teamwork.

It is easier now, more than ever before, to pick one thing we have a passion for, swing for the fences, and knock it out of the park. Maybe we only hit a double, but taking a swing is always better than leaving the bat on your shoulder. All you have to do is get on base to be in the game. Local products, inspiring people and entrepreneurship are my passions. I’m standing at the plate, pointing my bat at the left field bleachers, waiting for my pitch.

Get the bat off from your shoulder and join me in the game.


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