Hydroponic Systems

by Ashley Beaudoin, Owner of Bend’s Indoor Garden Station (B.I.G.S.)

Did you know 80 percent of all cut flowers and herbs in your local store are hydroponically grown? Did you know that a plant will spend over 50 percent of its energy rooting through soil to find oxygen and nutrients? When you are in control of all the growth factors, you are rewarded by twice the growth rate, higher yields and blooms!

Before you dive in, here are some helpful thoughts to ensure hydroponic success

1) Do your research. Find out what you want to grow and space you want to do. We recommend the book Gardening Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics by George Van Patten.

2) Know your water. Does it come from a well or is it city water? What is its natural pH.? It dictates how your plant will uptake nutrients.

3) Know your specific plant needs. Everyone grows different things. Make sure you know exactly what your plant needs.

At B.I.G.S. we carry an all in one hydroponics system called the WaterFarm that will grow small, medium, and large plants. It offers all the features of larger systems at a lower cost without sacrificing quality or performance. It is a classic “plug ‘n’ play” single bucket system designed to be stand-alone. It’s reliable and simple, perfect for large crops, perennials and mother plants. The system is versatile because it can be moved easily from room to room, or from indoors to outdoors.

This system includes:

  • 4-gallon reservoir
  • 2-gallon growing chamber
  • Pumping column
  • Drip ring
  • Drain level tube
  • 1/2” grommet
  • Drain level tube
  • Single outlet air pump

Create a multiple unit system with limitless possibilities.

At B.I.G.S we carry over 2,000 items in stock including lighting, environmental controls, ventilation, nutrients, growth additives, fruiting and flowering additives, hydroponics systems, soil and soilless mediums, garden tools, books and products to help you take your garden to the next level. Educating has always been our number one priority. The High Desert has a difficult growing season. Indoor growing helps you keep summer going 365 days a year so you can keep fresh veggies on your table.

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photos courtesy of B.I.G.S.

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