What Do YOU Have to Trade?

HomeSpun Magazine is working to bring in experts to teach you how to grow your own food and cook it. I find that when people grow their own food they often have more than they can use, that they either give away or it goes to waste. What if there was a way to bring gardeners together, or producers of any sort, to trade their surplus with? This might allow one family to specialize in a type of product and yet end up with more variety than they can produce.

For example, our family has our own flock of laying hens. We have enough excess to sell in order to pay for our feed so that our eggs are free. It wouldn’t be difficult to add another six laying hens and have eggs to barter with for something else we need. If you have ever had a few prolific zucchini plants you probably had plenty for your family and supplied your neighbors’ zucchini as well. Once they were tired of eating your zucchini, having a way to trade them for my chicken eggs would be beneficial to us both. I would even trade my eggs for bars of homemade soap, dried herbs, jars of home canned goods or even professional services.

Store it Cold was an advertiser for the winter issue of HomeSpun Magazine and they gave us a CoolBot to use as a demonstration model. As nice as it would be to have a walk-in cooler at the house, we do not have the need for it. I am willing to use it to set up a walk-in cooler to be used as a type of cold storage trading post. Our community could work together to build an insulated shed and install a window air conditioner to make it work. There would need to be a centrally located place to put it as well. Maybe we could set up some sort of donation system to cover power costs, which a representative with CoolBot told me would be an expected $20-$30 per month.

  • Has anyone seen anything like this before and if so, how did it work?
  • Are there legal issues that need to be addressed?
  • Who would manage the shed and the inventory?
  • Does it need to be managed?
  • What would you barter if you could?
  • Would it be able to be available all of the time, for an hour a day, just weekends?

Come to our facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/HomeSpunMagazine/ if you have answers to any of these questions, share your ideas or show your support. If no one shows up with ideas, or even to say that they would like to use something like this, maybe I will eventually end up with a walk-in cooler at home.

Photo courtesy of Store it Cold

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