Have You Had Have You Had Your Flu Adjustment? 


I’m sure you are all familiar with the phrase “Flu Season”. Despite what you may think, the Flu is actually not a season. It is an inability to adapt due to:

  • Decreased Sun Exposure
  • Decreased Water Intake
  • Increased Sugar Intake
  • Increased Stress Levels

Therefore, it’s certainly not something you should accept without a fight! Did you know that your immune system is actually increased by up to 58% for 48 hours or more after an adjustment? In fact, 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine, according to Dr. Roger Sperry, a 1981 Nobel Prize Winner.

So instead of turning to a vaccine for immune support this fall/winter, be sure to get in to your local chiropractor and get your seasonal flu adjustment! As we like to say here at Dr. Natasha’s Natural Chiropractic, Create Health—Create Resistance!

We also suggest supporting your immune system with some excellent products offered by the long time trusted brand Standard Process, a company that has been providing the highest quality, all natural supplements since 1929.

Have you been around someone who is sick? Are you feeling that pesky cold trying to come on or just getting over a virus? Try Congaplex. This amazing supplement aids in the support of healthy immune system function, which is one of the major issues going into the cold/flu season. This supplement assists in the body’s ability to build new cells and contains a highly absorbable source of antioxidant rich Vitamin C. Of all the products on the market that claim to aid in keeping your immune system strong, this is the most highly affective and absorbable supplement we have found. Don’t forget to ask for Antronex to pair with it, as it boosts the affects of Congaplex in the body.

Drinking this holiday season? Of course, most of us do. But take a moment before (or after) you share in a few cocktails or glasses of wine with your family and friends, to break out the Hepatrophin PMG. What on earth is Hepatrophin? I’m glad you asked. This incredible Bovine Liver Enzyme supplement actually kick starts your liver, helping it process alcohol before, during and after consumption. We have nick-named this wonder pill, “Drunk be gone” and it continues to live up to its name, decreasing the affects of alcohol and nearly eliminating hangovers.

Craving carbs and sweet treats? We have you covered. Take just two Inosital pills before each meal and sit back, enjoy a hearty meal and easily pass over a serving of pie, caramels, cookies and other winter time goodies, with your sweet cravings curbed or even eliminated.

Remember, there is no substitute for an exceptional line of products like Standard Process. Ask us why their products have stood the test of time and keep holding high sales in the health industry among all the new fangled items that continue to pop up on the market. Yes you can find similar supplements on the market, but the strength and effectiveness pales in comparison, causing you to spend more on a lesser product.

Last but not least, we bring you the Life Extensions brand Zinc Lozenges. This little melt away tablets have a lemony tang and a strong immunity kick that even the kids will happily take. Just take two a day and keep viruses at bay!

Feel free to stop by the clinic to learn more about these and other supplements and how they can help you stay healthy this cold and flu season. We are happy to show you around the clinic and share more about our Gentle Method of Chiropractic Adjustments using our low force, highly effective Activator tool, great for the entire family, from infants to the elderly, and everything in between.

Dr. Natasha’s Natural Chiropractic

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