Reusable & Earth Friendly Food Wrap

Made with Beeswax, Organic Cotton & Love

Product review by SARA WIENER, formerly of Sara Bella Upcycled, Locavore Board Member

I love my Meli Wraps. I’ve always hated using plastic wrap on bowls or plates of food to keep the contents fresh. Now I don’t need to. I can just use my beeswax-coated Meli Wraps instead. They

have beautiful designs, smell wonderful (beeswax is amazing) and they form fit to any container you use. With a little warmth from your hands, the beeswax coated fabric softens just enough to stick to the container like a glove.

To clean them, all you need to do is wash with soap and water and allow to air dry. I have Meli Wraps in all sizes, and the three-pack that they have at Locavore is the perfect starter kit. I have purchased several packs and use them for all different types of purposes, both in the kitchen and in the home.

Meli Wraps have the potential to make a big impact in decreasing the amount of plastic wrap waste that ends up in the landfill or blowing in the wind.

Stop using plastic wrap and buy some Meli Wraps at Locavore. You will love them!

Made in Hawaii and Oregon.

photos courtesy of Central Oregon Locavore

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