Great Harvest Bread Co. Needs Your Help to Raise Money for Kids

We may be a bakery, but inside our walls we stand for so much more. Baking is a way for people to come together — it provides something simple that will put a smile on someone’s face. We want to share that with Bend: throughout the week of August 26-31, five dollars of every loaf of Honey Whole Wheat bread sold will be donated to The Giving Plate.

“We chose The Giving Plate for many reasons, but love that they share our passion for kids,” said Kristi Testerman, owner of Great Harvest Bread Co. in downtown Bend. “They are the only food bank in Oregon that has a Kid’s Korner where kids can shop for their own food. We [have] learned that one in five kids is food insecure (not knowing when their next meal will be), and we understand how hard it can be to make ends meet in Bend.”

Purchasing one loaf of Honey Whole Wheat bread will help The Giving Plate provide two meals for someone. The money raised will help them purchase food for their Kids Korner and provide food boxes for families.

“I brought our kids, Billie (8) and Sofie (11) with me to meet with Ranae Staley, the executive director, and [to] learn about The Giving Plate,” continued Kristi. “Billie and Sofie immediately disappeared upstairs…Ranae was so warm, welcoming and clearly passionate about their organization. The guests who came were happy, and I could tell they felt comfortable. It was clean, bright, and everyone was smiling, despite how busy they were. She gave me a tour and spoke about the monthly food boxes they create for families and how their nonprofit has grown throughout the years.

“When I went upstairs to get Billie and Sofie, they were intently playing games and activities with other kids, and were in love with the shopping area. I couldn’t help but to smile seeing a mini ‘store’ where the kids could get a bag, then pick and choose the food they wanted to take home.

“In my opinion, The Giving Plate gives kids a sense of security. Kids are always welcome and can go upstairs and play. Most importantly, they get to shop for food and leave knowing that they are cared for — this is such a basic need that we can take for granted.”

Want to hear a kid’s opinion?

“Ranae was really cool because she helps out the world of people who don’t know when their next meal is,” said eight-year-old Billie. “She helps people not to worry. And there’s candy at the front desk.”

Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat bread is one of our staples and the foundation for who we are. They freshly mill their wheat berries in the bakery to keep the nutrients intact. It is hearty, with a slightly sweet taste and is only made of five simple ingredients: fresh whole wheat flour, honey, water, yeast and salt. As a result, it lasts for seven to ten days, or up to three months in the freezer.

“This bread stands for who we are, which is why it’s perfect for this charity: simple, wholesome, fresh, with a hint of sweetness. This event is a great way for families to get delicious, healthy bread before school starts and help the community,” said Kristi.

Even better, buy your loaf of bread on Saturday, August 31 when kids eat free! Every Saturday at Great Harvest, kids 12 and under get a free grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwich with the purchase of another meal.

Please come support The Giving Plate, grab a free taste and take home a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat bread!

Bend Great Harvest is located at 835 NW Bond St. and open between 7am and 6pm Monday through Friday, and between 7am and 5pm on Saturday.

For more information, visit or on Facebook @GreatHarvestBend.

Jeremy and Kristi Testerman, owners, Great Harvest Break Co., Bend, Oregon.

(Photo | Courtesy of Great Harvest Bread Co.)

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